I have been the owner of Evergreen Alterations,  a woman-owned small business in Bennington, VT, since 1998. I maintain a civilian client base, as well as being a government contractor for the Department of Defense, altering the uniforms of law enforcement including VT Fish & Game. 

After years of having German Shepherds, the concept of dogs not being able to tolerate the cold only occurred to me after adopting Jag. This 9 month old Dutch Shepherd, wanted to go everywhere I went, even in wet Winter weather. But alas, my single coated boy, chills easily.


He loves:

*  water   *   snow  *   woods   *   sun   *   rain   *   night   *

Jag Canine Gear was borne out of the need to keep this extremely active, all weather guy, safe and warm, through all of it.

I look forward to working with pet owners to develop and manufacture a product in the USA, that is both adaptable to our different dogs needs and cost effective.

Join us on the journey!!

Meridy Capella

Owner  *  Designer  *  Operator

Jagdholf, 2019

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