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Jagdholf, 2019

After years of having German Shepherds, the concept of dogs not being able to tolerate the cold only occurred to me after adopting Jag. This 9 month old Dutch Shepherd, wanted to go everywhere I went, even in wet Winter weather. But alas, my single coated boy, chilled easily.

Jag Canine Gear was borne out of the need to keep this extremely active, all weather guy, safe and warm, through all of it.

​I have been the owner of Evergreen Alterationsa woman-owned small business in Bennington, VT, since 1998. I maintain a civilian client base, as well as being a government contractor for the Department of Defense and altering the uniforms of law enforcement for most of southern of Vermont.

I look forward to working with pet owners to develop and manufacture a product in the USA, that is both adaptable to our different dogs needs and is cost effective.

Join us on the journey!!

Meridy Capella

Owner  *  Designer  *  Operator

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